“Glenn and GET IT BACK helped me transform my mind, my body and my life. Within six months, I went from 178 lbs. and 42% body fat to a muscular 122 lbs. Before I started, I was depressed, overweight and insecure. Now I’m happy, fit, confident, peaceful, and full of positive, creative energy to start an amazing new business!”
Kristen C.
San Rafael, CA



…will inspire you to rediscover your full potential. You’ll look, feel and live dramatically better than you did 10, even 20 years ago! This is your opportunity to take responsibility, to finally awaken to something better than you have ever dreamed possible. Partner with a true expert mentor who is committed to your next level of success and offering you peace of mind along your transition to the next stage in life. Are you a busy self-aware entrepreneur or professional high achiever in business that’s having difficulty realizing your current goals? Are you feeling burnt out juggling all of life’s complex demands on your own and need assistance creating a renewed, smarter work-life balance to excel at?
Without a coach or guide less than 2% succeed at achieving their inspiring goals. The road to success is not easy and most give up due to overwhelm at the first sign of failure or challenge. If the most successful athletes have access to top coaches to help overcome the obstacles, why wouldn’t you for your life? No matter how much success you’ve experienced thus far in life, teaming up with Glenn as your Personal Holistic Breakthrough Coach, he will help you to transform ALL areas of your life. He will provide you with the teachings, techniques, skills and disciplines that help you to become your own life, business and relationship coach, spiritual guide, physical therapist and trainer, nutritional chef as well… in record time. You’ll use a fun and flexible structured “YOURU” vs. guru strategy that produces your desired results with total fulfillment and sustainability this time and one that also impacts others lives in such a positive, transformative way.
  • Define your Goals: What is your ideal for a balanced, high quality existence? Do you want to create a life that is the greatest expression of your higher path, your true nature–who you really are?
  • Reach your Goals!: You CAN do it through this inspirational, affordable 3-Step Mind, Body, Spirit educational process.


Get Unstuck, Empowered and Live an Extraordinary Life!